Picaroon means simply one thing – rogue. From Maryland’s oldest post-Prohibition distillery comes a rum unlike any other. Made from raw cane sugar rather than molasses, Picaroon Maryland Rum layers tropical fruits, bright notes of vanilla, and a creamy mouthfeel over a sweet, lingering finish. Drink better rum!

Picaroon White Rum

A different kind of American white rum, Picaroon White Rum is crafted for flavor rather than to disappear into a cocktail. It all starts with pure, unadulterated cane sugar – nothing added, nothing removed.

We distill Picaroon through our unique hybrid still, which gives us the versatility to create a more complex rum by keeping the wash under heat for longer periods while distilling to a high purity and achieving a complete separation of the sweet “hearts” of the rum from the harsh “heads” and “tails.”

Picaroon Gold Rum

Add our hand-crafted, house made caramel to the signature smooth finish or our Picaroon White for an irresistible, toasted caramel sweetness that perfectly complements the vanilla and cream notes of the underlying spirit.

Picaroon Gold, with its tropical fruit aromas, is bottled at a slightly higher proof than Picaroon White to balance out the additional sweetness of the caramel.

Picaroon Dark Rum

A complex rum with a deep nose of vanilla and flambeed bananas, a palate of sweet oak and caramel, and a grassy finish with a pleasant heat.

The caramel and vanilla flavors  come from our barrel-aged Picaroon Rum, which has been stored in new, 53-gallon, charred, American oak barrels. We mellow the new oak flavor by blending in some of our un-aged Picaroon White Rum. A small amount of a unique blend of pot and column still rums from the French West Indies provides intense notes of tropical fruit and grass, and a touch of house-made caramel ties the flavors together with a subtle sweetness.

Picaroon Solera Aged Rum

Picaroon Solera Aged Rum is one of a kind, and one of a select few true solera aged rums being distilled in America. The complex process of aging and blending, combined with the new and used American and French oak barrels, each adding its own flavor, results in a highly-sought-after blend only available at Blackwater’s Distillery on Kent Island.

Our solera consists of five levels. When we bottle, we empty the barrels from the bottom level, blend them together, and remove a portion for bottling. The remaining rum goes back into the empty barrels. We then empty the next level and blend the barrels together, use the blend to fill up the empty space in the first level, and then put the rum back into the empty barrels. Yum!

Picaroon Single Barrel

Picaroon Single Barrell Rum is an exploration of barrel maturation on our award-winning Picaroon Rum. While our other barrel-aged Picaroon rums combine multiple barrels for consistency and complexity, Picaroon Single Barrel is unique in that all bottles in the batch come from a single barrel. Each batch is one-of-a-kind, labeled with handwritten barrel and bottle numbers.

The 100-proof rum has an aroma of fresh apples, cinnamon and white pepper, a light flavor of vanilla and spices, and a sweet, warming finish.

Picaroon Coffee Rum Liqueur

Start with our award-winning Picaroon Rum, sweeten it with the same house-made caramel syrup used for our perennial favorite Sloop Betty Carmel Vodka and blend in cold brew, single-origin Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company coffee.

Cold brewed with CBRC’s low acidity Roastmaster’s Reserve Nicaragua Las Camelias Estate beans, Picaroon Coffee Rum Liqueur offers a warming treat with bright notes of orange peel added to the blend of rum, spices and natural caramel.

Picaroon Overproof White Rum

Made to be mixed, Picaroon Overproof White Rum is un-filtered allowing it to retain the full body and flavor of the spirit from the still. That means it holds up to strong flavors like fresh lime juice, providing balance to a cocktail.

This Rum has a nose of bananas, vanilla and cream, with the vanilla and cream following through into the flavor of the spirit before receding into a sweet, grassy finish, where caramel notes become more prominent. Use it in a classic daiquiri, mojito or any other cocktail calling for white rum – just use a bit less!